2018 NBA playoffs: LeBron’s Zero Dark Thirty-23, the Sixers’ process, Dame time among 18 reasons to be excited

It took until the last night of the regular season, but the playoff matchups are finally set, the schedule has been released and we are ready to roll on Saturday afternoon. The Warriors and Spurs will get things started at 3 p.m. ET, tipping off a massive quadruple header. For a full playoff bracket and links to previews of every series, please go here. But first, in case you needed any help getting amped up, here are 17 reasons to be excited about the NBA playoffs. 

1. The return of Zero Dark Thirty-23 mode

Every time the playoffs roll around, LeBron James activates “Zero Dark Thirty-23” mode, which means he stops looking at any sort of social media or news. And that in and of itself isn’t all interesting — no one is missing LeBron’s Instagram posts. But LeBron in Zero Dark Thirty-23 mode is basically a different player than regular season LeBron — and usually a better one. Watching LeBron elevate his game in the postseason is a joy, and we should appreciate every game we get to watch him do it.

2. Can the Raptors actually do this?

The Raptors have been a really good regular season team for five seasons now. Really good. But then every time the playoffs

Article source: https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/2018-nba-playoffs-lebrons-zero-dark-thirty-23-the-sixers-process-dame-time-among-18-reasons-to-be-excited/

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