2018 NFL Free Agency: Here’s how Case Keenum signing shakes up QB market in 2018 NFL Draft

The Broncos expected signing of Case Keenum has a major ripple effect on the early portion of the 2018 NFL Draft, especially pertaining to the super-hyped quarterback prospects and the teams lining up to select them.

Yes, one move on the free-agent quarterback market — not even the big one — changes a lot at the top of the draft. 

Let’s pinpoint the winners and losers of Keenum reuniting with Gary Kubiak in Denver. 


Broncos – Signing Keenum represents the best of both worlds for the Broncos. It alleviates some pressure to draft a quarterback at No. 5 overall yet doesn’t tie them to an exorbitant quarterback contract in the long term. Landing Kirk Cousins would’ve been fun, but he would’ve been probably close to $10M more per season than Keenum and eliminated the chances Denver grabbed one of the highly sought after signal-callers in this class. A quarterback at No. 5 isn’t totally out of the question, it’s just not as blatantly obvious as it was even a day ago. Denver hedged its bet. 

Bills – For a team seemingly making a 2016 Eagles‘ incremental ascension up the board before one final move into the top 5 to select a quarterback, Buffalo should be jumping through tables after getting word of Keenum signing in Denver. With one less

Article source: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2018-nfl-free-agency-heres-how-case-keenum-signing-shakes-up-qb-market-in-2018-nfl-draft/

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