3-on-3 Olympic basketball will be defined by the game’s unique rules

Troy Justice has watched a lot of 3-on-3. The NBA’s senior director of international basketball has seen the game played at levels ranging from kids in India who don’t know even the most basic rules to the FIBA 3×3 World Cup.

Justice played a big role in working with FIBA (basketball’s governing body) and the International Olympic Committee to get 3-on-3 basketball into the 2020 Tokyo Games, a decision formalized Friday. And with all the high-level 3-on-3 ball he’s watched, he sees an archetype for the perfect player and team in the half-court game.

“Your ideal 3-on-3 player is really a guard-skilled big,” Justice told For The Win after the IOC announcement Friday afternoon. “Kevin Durant would translate very well. A 3-point shot is worth two points, and inside the arc is worth one point. So the teams I’ve watched — I’ve done a lot of scouting globally with 3-on-3 and watched some of the best players and teams and the strategies they implement. It’s a lot of 3-point shooting and getting to the rim. The one other thing you need is a good rim protector, a strong big that can rebound and defend. Then you need three knock-down great shooters. But because there’s so much space on the floor, everyone needs to have the ability to put the ball on floor

Article source: http://ftw.usatoday.com/2017/06/3-on-3-olympic-basketball-rules-3-pointer-shot-clock-kevin-durant-ideal-player

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