3 reasons why Lonzo Ball, and not Markelle Fultz, should be the No. 1 pick in the 2017 NBA draft

Just about the only consensus opinion entering the 2017 NBA draft is that Markelle Fultz should and will be the first pick. The Boston Celtics have already gotten familiar with Fultz on a personal level, and his main competitor for the No. 1 slot, Lonzo Ball, might not even be the Los Angeles Lakers’ choice at No. 2. Fultz’s well-rounded profile has won out over Ball’s more polarizing strengths and weaknesses.

Yet, it is always worth questioning whether an emerging consensus is justified. If the ultimate goal of drafting is to help build a championship team, an argument can be made that Ball is more suited for the task.

I have already written my magnum opus on Lonzo Ball. Some thoughts have changed since then, but I encourage you to read that for a more detailed two-sided breakdown of Ball’s game. This piece will argue why a team should favor Ball over Fultz, and the team-building philosophies behind such a view.

There are three main reasons for this argument:

  1. Ball’s upside to be the best player on a championship team is greater than Fultz’s
  2. Ball would be better next to another superstar than Fultz
  3. If neither turn out great, they will be similarly valuable players

1. Ball’s upside to be

Article source: http://www.sbnation.com/nba/2017/6/15/15760050/nba-draft-2017-lonzo-ball-better-markelle-fultz-celtics-la-lakers

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