A fresh run for Jamaican bobsled program

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea — The white interview table is practically shaking under her pounding fist, but Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian barely realizes what she is doing. After all, that same clenched hand had been wiping away tears only minutes earlier, her emotions literally spilling out as she spoke.

Fenlator-Victorian’s subject, the Jamaican national bobsled program, came into these Olympic Games as one of the most anticipated stories, the 30-year anniversary of the nation’s remarkable winter Olympics debut an easy reminder to continue celebrating what was immortalized in the 1993 Disney classic “Cool Runnings.” But if that movie inspired a nation, and indeed the world, with its simple message that anything is possible, Fenlator-Victorian is here with another, more powerful message. The legacy of those Calgary Games continues to resonate, not only in Jamaica but in similar warm-weather, winter-sport deficient nations across the Globe, and not only for men like the would-be movie stars, but for women who have used bobsled as a new path to Olympic glory.

So there she sat, telling her story of how she came to lead the Jamaican women’s program, how she competed for the United States only four years ago in Sochi but

Article source: https://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/2018/02/10/fresh-run-for-jamaican-bobsled-program/DWtr5axCGHcOveuiNx0o1J/story.html

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