A great strength for Joe Girardi undermines his glaring weakness

Joe Girardi is a good major league manager.

I realize that is not a popular sentiment in town, particularly in this moment. I also know short of Bill Belichick, Gregg Popovich and Terry Francona — and maybe not even them in these ungrateful times — pretty much every fan base hates its coach/manager and thinks the always available “Anyone Else” would do better.

The debacle Friday night, however, exposed a Girardi weakness that needs further addressing by his bosses even after 10 years in this job, and particularly if they plan to re-up Girardi for more with his contract expiring in a few weeks.

He is a hardworking, studious man and nothing for which he has prepared will unhinge him. Girardi maps out probable scenarios at 2 p.m. and in many ways already has managed a game yet to begin.

But if the game goes off script, Girardi’s penchant is to tighten up, display every facial tell of a man being swamped by tension. He is not blessed with Second City ad-lib dexterity — nor a poker face.

Girardi reminds me of a guy who will diligently learn a waltz for his wedding day and perform it with workman-like efficiency. But if the electronica breaks out, well, he will be unable to adapt, go with the flow, feel the moment.

Game 2 of this Division Series

Article source: http://nypost.com/2017/10/07/a-great-strength-for-joe-girardi-undermines-his-glaring-weakness/

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