A submarine has vanished, launching a frantic search for 44 people on board

The Argentine navy said it has lost contact with the ARA San Juan submarine off the country’s southern coast. The submarine with a crew of 44 has not made contact in three days. (REX/Shutterstock)

Argentine authorities are scrambling to find a three-decade-old submarine that suddenly stopped communicating during a routine mission on Wednesday — an emergency authorities say could range from a fried electrical system to something much worse.

The diesel-electric ARA San Juan was returning to its base south of Buenos Aires after a routine mission to Ushuaia, near the southern tip of South America. Then, suddenly, it went silent.

According to the Associated Press, no one has been able to contact the sub or any of its 44 crew members since Wednesday, even though an international collection of rescuers are scanning all radio frequencies and scouring the waters near the San Juan’s most recent ping.

Complicating matters: strong winds and high waves that were battering search-and-rescue ships.

The Argentine government had received logistical help from the governments of Britain, Chile and the United States, including NASA — other countries have also offered aid — but as of Saturday morning, no surface or visual contact had been made, the AP reported.

The sub has multiple ways of communicating. It was ample food and oxygen,

Article source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2017/11/18/a-submarine-has-vanished-launching-a-frantic-search-for-44-people-on-board/

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