A timeline of Isaiah Thomas going from max money to minimum money

You’d be hard pressed to find anything not named bitcoin that has risen and fallen as dramatically as Isaiah Thomas’ career since 2011. First Mr. Irrelevant, then an unwanted scoring guard, a legitimate MVP candidate, Lonzo Ball’s backup, and now signing the veteran’s minimum in 2018 with the Denver Nuggets on a one-year deal. It’s certainly sad, and there’s no doubt Thomas deserved better, but also a brutal example of how the league works. No one is ever safe.

Thomas went from a Boston superstar to being traded for a younger version of himself, and then from Cleveland’s salvation to an unwanted, ineffective problem-causer that the team couldn’t wait to rid themselves of. It was a series of events that all-but killed Thomas’ value across the league and forced him to settle for the one-year deal. It’s almost painful to revisit, but there’s a clear order in how it went down.

Starting from Thomas’ arrival in Boston, through his recent trade to Los Angeles, and now in Denver, here’s how Thomas rose all the way to MVP candidate and then tumbled back down.

Feb. 19, 2015: Thomas is traded to Boston

Thomas had been the last pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, thrived for the Sacramento Kings anyway, was dealt

Article source: https://www.sbnation.com/2018/2/8/16992432/isaiah-thomas-free-agent-nuggets-lakers-cavs-celtics

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