Borges: Buy into McGregor-Mayweather clown show at your own peril

It is unlikely, were he alive today, that Plato would be paying much attention to Conor McGregor, but he once wrote an apt description of what the young Irish conman has been putting on exhibit this week as he travels coast-to-coast and then some, trying to pry dollars from your pockets to watch what one can kindly call a mismatch, or more correctly call a ripoff.

“Wise men speak because they have something to say,” one of the wisest of Greek philosophers (and mathematicians, by the way) once wrote. “Fools because they have to say something.”

If you know anything about boxing or hucksterism, you know where Conor McGregor fits into that equation.

My dad was no Plato, but he knew some things about life. One of his favorite sayings was “an empty can makes the most noise.” Bill Belichick puts it differently but is saying pretty much the same when he cautions his employees to “ignore the noise.”

If you value your hard-earned cash, I’m giving you the same warning when it comes to putting down $100 or so to watch Floyd Mayweather Jr. box a guy whose suits are a size too small and whose ego is two sizes too large.

Conor McGregor is mixed martial arts’ biggest star. He is the cauliflowered face of the UFC, the first and only

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