Brad Stevens on Celtics’ 14-game streak: ‘We gotta play a lot better’

2:34 PM ET

ATLANTA — Celtics coach Brad Stevens isn’t letting his team become content after 14 straight wins, and he continues to suggest that Boston might not be as good as its record indicates.

“We haven’t played well enough to consider this win streak to be valid in my opinion,” Stevens said Saturday morning at Boston’s shootaround at Philips Arena. “We’ve figured out ways to win games. We gotta play a lot better.”

The Celtics (14-2) have caught the league’s attention with their double-digit winning streak in the aftermath of starting the season 0-2 and losing Gordon Hayward to a season-ending ankle injury.

When Boston took down the defending champion Golden State Warriors on Thursday night, limiting the league’s top-ranked offense to a mere 88 points, the buzz reached new heights and many wondered if the young Celtics are the new top dogs in the Eastern Conference.