Carmelo Anthony gives Knicks’ Kristaps Porzingis some advice for being the man

Carmelo Anthony tried to groom Kristaps Porzingis the past two years, knowing that he someday would replace him as the Knicks’ franchise player. Now that he has, Anthony called it “a big, big year” for Porzingis and had some advice.

“You’re there. You’re the unicorn. You’ve got to embrace it,” Anthony said. “You’ve got to understand what it’s about, what’s going to happen, whether good or bad, and be ready for it.”

“We shall see,” Anthony said. “This is a big, big year for him. Even last year and the year before, he had pieces, a couple pieces around that can kind of shelter him a little bit. Even when things weren’t going good for him, I would always take the blame and take the pressure off of him. Now he almost is, I don’t want to say forced to take on that role, but it’s there. He has to take on that role. He has to embrace that role. He has to be ready for what’s in front of him.”  

via Newsday

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