Chris Broussard explains why Harden’s Rockets are not ready to dethrone the Warriors

– No, they’re not the best team. First of all, you don’t become the best team in the league in February. It’s just how it is. Now, if they prove that they are the best by winning the championship, OK, but think about Golden State in 2015. When they won 67 games and we’re about to start this run, nobody was giving them– they’re the best team in the league. Having the best record means nothing.

– Oh, I disagree.

– In most years, the teams– I don’t know if it’s most years, but many years, the team with the best record doesn’t win the championship. I don’t think that Miami Heat team of LeBron and D Wade ever won more than 57 games, but they were clearly best. His two best records– 66 wins, 61 wins in Cleveland– they didn’t even get to the finals.

– They didn’t make the finals.

– So the regular season doesn’t matter in terms of who’s the has the best record being the best team. You have to prove it in the postseason. Because regular season– here’s the thing. You’re catching some teams on back to back nights, you’re catching some teams with injuries, you’re catching some teams when you’re flying on a long road trip. In the playoffs is when it’s

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