Cleveland Cavaliers Trade Scribbles: Kyrie Irving, Isaiah Thomas, big pick — Terry Pluto (video)

CLEVELAND, OHIO — Scribbles in my Cleveland Cavaliers notebook after the huge Kyrie Irving deal with the Boston Celtics:

1. I’ve spoken to some NBA people about the Cavs big trade. Over and over again, the Cavs were praised for convincing Boston to add the draft pick to the deal. The pick originally belonged to Brooklyn. The Nets are expected to be awful again, and the pick is in 2018. So it could be in the top five … maybe the top three. Who knows?

2. The pick is “unprotected.” The last time the Cavs traded for an “unprotected” pick was in 2011. That was a deal with the L.A. Clippers. That pick came up at No. 1 in the lottery. The player drafted by the Cavs? Kyrie Irving.

3. The draft pick means the Cavs have two selections in the 2018 first round: Their own and Boston/Brooklyn pick. That means they can trade one of those picks — probably their own — for a player at mid-season if they need to bolster the roster.

4. I’m told Boston refused to trade the Brooklyn pick when they were attempting to deal for Indiana’s Paul George and Chicago’s Jimmy Butler. So they considered Irving more valuable. Probably because Irving is only 25 and is under contract for two more years.

5. I’m guarded about

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