Colin Cowherd unveils how Westbrook’s poor leadership will derail the Thunder from winning the West

– Last night– you know, LeBron gets all these new teammates– and so last night, I go to dinner with my wife. And all of a sudden, I go to dinner and I’m like, oh, I forget, the Cavs are playing OKC. So I sit there and I watch the last hour and a half of it. And Cleveland is fantastic with all these new players. And Oklahoma City, it’s interesting juxtaposed why can’t they figure it out?

Now, this is amazing. This is what makes LeBron great. So you give LeBron four new players. And by the way, they’re not great players. They’re good players. Jordan Clarkson’s a good player, B-minus, C-plus NBA player. Rodney Hood’s a good B player in the NBA, B to B-minus, but a good player. You know, George Hill’s a B player in the NBA.

So you’ve given– you’ve given him– and Larry Nance, Jr. is probably a C, C-plus player in the NBA. So you give LeBron these average guys. They go to Boston and to Oklahoma City, blow out win, dominating win. LeBron, 2 and 0, immediately adapts. Now, think about that.

Now, Russell Westbrook, you give him, not only new teammates, but excellent teammates. He still can’t figure it out. They add Carmelo, who’s

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