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Nothing keeps a good fan going through the dog days of any season like injury whingeing. You know the song, “My team’s been savaged, all our good players are out, I’m amazed we’re doing as we are, can you imagine how good we’d be if . . .” 
It’s the very definition of tedium, and the leading cause of people in bars choosing to drink alone.
We mention this because our two local concerns, the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants, are on a wounded binge these days. Buster Posey just had hip surgery, Steven Duggar just tore his labrum, and across the pond, starting pitchers Brett Anderson and Sean Manaea just went down with forearm problems, which typically means . . . well, you know.
Both teams have been cuffed around pretty well this year by any fair measure. The Giants have lost three fifths of their starting rotation at one point or another, three quarters of their starting infield and their catcher, a starting outfielder and the usual parade of relievers, both valuable and too inexperienced to note. The total: 20 players, 26 disabled list usages, 912 games lost (all figures are courtesy of
The A’s, on the other hand, have lost their entire starting rotation, some members more

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