Combine Notebook: Jon Gruden Kicks It Old-School; New Coaches Do the Dougie

    Darron Cummings/Associated Press

    Every new NFL head coach should strive to emulate Doug Pederson.

    Two years ago, the Eagles head coach arrived at the combine looking like a shlubby middle manager who only got the job because the first four choices turned down the promotion. And while Pederson still comes across like a dad about to give you a tiresome lecture about not squandering your allowance, he’s secretly a high-stakes gambler and an innovation ninja.

    So how Pederson-like are this year’s new head coaches (excepting Jon Gruden, who is following in his own footsteps)? It’s hard to draw conclusions from brief press conferences. But we’re here to do this kind of hard, vitally important work!


    New Head Coach: Matt Nagy, Chicago Bears

    How Pederson-like is he? Nagy is a former Chiefs offensive coordinator with deep Eagles roots, like Pederson. He acknowledged that the Bears offense will have some similarities to the Eagles offense, with “our own little spin on it.” He also said there will be recognizable Chiefs elements. He even noted similarities between Bears running back Tarik Cohen and Chiefs playmaker Tyreek Hill. And Nagy stressed the importance of communication and

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