Could Baltimore Orioles’ $0 tickets be the antidote for baseball’s attendance woes?

The grand experiment is barely a week old, so the Baltimore Orioles still aren’t entirely certain of the long-term effect their newest tier of ticket prices will have on the organization. It is one thing to lower the cost of getting into Camden Yards. It is something different altogether to make that price $0.

In March, the Orioles announced that this season they would launch Kids Cheer Free, a program in which an adult who purchases an upper-deck ticket can receive two more gratis for that game, so long as the accompanying fans are 9 years old or younger. It was a novel idea for any number of reasons; it was particularly interesting in the context of Major League Baseball’s annual-revenue boom amid a decade of flagging attendance, which has dipped from a record 79.5 million in 2007 to less than 73 million last year.

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“When a sport says every year we’re now at $8 billion, $9 billion, $10 billion … how did the league or the industry get there?” Orioles executive vice president John P. Angelos said. “I’ll tell you how [baseball] didn’t get there:

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