Derek Jeter will be prepared but will he succeed as an owner?

We know him as a man who wore a pinstriped suit to work for 20 years but now, we cannot even be certain Derek Jeter will continue to wear that attire once he is in place as part of the Bruce Sherman-led ownership group that has reached an agreement in principle to purchase the Marlins for $1.2 billion.

Indeed, conjuring visions of Jeter running the baseball and business operations from behind a desk in South Florida leaves us with essentially a blank slate in the aftermath of two decades in the land of Page Six and the epicenter of baseball, through which No. 2 revealed little of himself beyond name, rank and serial number.

We can, however, surmise Jeter will be as prepared, disciplined and competitive in this endeavor as he was in producing near-metronomic excellence on the field for the Yankees. This is not an individual who can be expected to punch in at 9 a.m., punch out at 5 p.m. and let the chips fall where they may, banking on his magic name to be a substitute for all of the grunt work necessary to build and maintain a successful franchise.

There aren’t many to have crossed the divide from the field to the owners’ suite, and there are even fewer to have made the jump with notable success. Indeed, it

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