Don’t forget about Steve Kerr in this Warriors dynasty, even though he probably wants you to

Steve Kerr doesn’t want your praise.

The coach of a Warriors dynasty that just won its third NBA title in four straight Finals appearances has probably earned some bragging rights, but you won’t catch Kerr saying one word about himself … unless it’s a sarcastic one. Occasionally he’ll facetiously boast about how the Warriors’ devastating third quarters are a result of his brilliant coaching schemes, but more often than not he’ll simply defer to his incredible roster — dotted with future Hall of Famers and polished veterans coaches dream of having.

Stephen Curry. Kevin Durant. Klay Thompson. Draymond Green. Andre Iguodala. David West. Shaun Livingston.

It’s almost enough to make you think Kerr could just roll the ball out onto the court and Golden State would still coast to another championship — and some probably think that’s the case. But this year tested Kerr’s ability to handle a team full of superstars that had grown so accustomed to winning that they got bored, complacent and sloppy. We’ve seen dynasties come to an end that way, but the Warriors persevered, in large part because of their fearful leader.

Kerr knew what was going to happen. He was scared of it before the season even started.

As he often mentions, it’s generally not about Xs and Os with this

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