Drew Bledsoe on Terry Glenn: ‘The Best Receiver I Ever Threw To’

Terry Glenn and Drew Bledsoe were teammates for six seasons with the Patriots from 1996 to 2001, and for two more with the Cowboys from 2005 to ’06. Glenn, 43, died in an automobile accident on Monday morning.

Terry Glenn was the best receiver I ever threw to. Period. I would apologize to the likes of Moulds, Keyshawn, Troy Brown, Peerless, T.O., etc., but there’s no need. They know it too. If confirmation is needed, just ask the guys who tried to cover Terry. They’ll tell you. Aaron Glenn was one of the best cover corners of his era. We played the Jets in 1999, and Bill Belichick, who ran New York’s defense at the time, assigned Aaron to cover Terry for the day. He put a safety over the top to help on nearly every play. My man still caught seven for 113 yards. He was simply not coverable when he was healthy and on the field.

Terry had the explosiveness of a speed receiver but the intelligence and craft of a possession receiver. His top end was as high as anyone, but he was a technician like Troy Brown or Wes Welker. He knew how to get himself open. Any time I threw the ball his way there was separation, which is a quarterback’s dream.

Article source: https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/11/20/terry-glenn-remembered-drew-bledsoe-patriots-cowboys

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