Dumping Aldon Smith now is too little, too late for Raiders


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Note: Earlier version of this column indicated Aldon Smith would not have been property of the Raiders when free agency begins. That error has been rectified.

The Raiders dumped Aldon Smith Monday, and the big question is why it took so long.

Mind you, Smith hasn’t been involved with the team since 2015 other than the ability to avail himself of support staff as he’s served an indefinite suspension for a list of serious transgressions. Although listed as an unrestricted free agent, he would have remained property of the Raiders after March 14 if on suspension until he is reinstated by the commissioner.


Finally, the Raiders walked away, seeing no need to wait for a reinstatement that may never come and disassociating themselves with Smith.

Yet let’s not paint the Raiders as paragons of virtue for the release a day after he was sought by San Francisco police in a domestic violence case and instead reportedly checked himself into rehab.

The Raiders gambled by signing Smith after he was released by the 49ers, and then a second time with an extension, a gamble which didn’t pay off.

The first time Smith met the media in the Raiders’ locker room, he didn’t come off as a guy who was trying

Article source: https://www.mercurynews.com/2018/03/05/dumping-aldon-smith-now-would-be-an-empty-gesture-by-raiders/

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