Dwyane Wade on LeBron James’ Charles Barkley rant: ‘Thank god he finally said something’

Dwyane Wade isn’t the only one happy LeBron James finally teed off on Turner Sports mainstay Charles Barkley, in ways that go well beyond D-Wade looking to support his fellow Banana Boat ballast.

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That ship doesn’t figure to sink soon at Barkley’s behest, in spite of LeBron’s relative “troubles” in Cleveland and Wade’s altogether more unseemly issues with a Chicago Bulls franchise he fooled last summer. It won’t go down without a fight, as we learned on Tuesday when LeBron James absolutely went off on Barkley, rightfully characterizing him as hypocritical prior to, sadly, using the word “hater” to denigrate the Basketball Hall of Famer.

(Not because Chuck isn’t a hater, he is. That term should have been retired when Barkley was an active player, though.)

Wade got in on the act at shootaround on Tuesday, happily taking on a new subject after a week’s worth of Bulls woe dominated the airwaves: