Eddie Lacy’s not alone: Some of the best, craziest incentives in sports

7:53 AM ET

Tailback Eddie Lacy weighed 250 pounds or less Monday and, as a result, will receive $55,000 from the Seattle Seahawks. The payoff is part of a seven-tiered incentive structure designed to keep Lacy at a healthy playing weight during the 2017 season.

If he meets all of his benchmarks, Lacy will earn $385,000 on top of his $2.865 million base salary. It will be fun and interesting to track, but make no mistake: It’s hardly unique in the surprisingly diverse world of incentives in the history of pro sports. Check out this list for some of the more creative attempts to motivate — or discourage — professional athletes over the years.

Fun with numbers, Los Angeles Rams edition

Incentive: Tomfoolery!

The Rams inject life into the monotony and structure of NFL contract negotiations. They make liberal use of numerical palindromes, numbers that are the same when read backward or forward. Why give, say, Tavon Austin an average salary

Article source: http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/19602188/eddie-lacy-not-alone-best-craziest-incentives-sports-michael-jordan-diana-taurasi-rollie-fingers

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