Ezekiel Elliott apparently willing to serve at least four games

In theory, the lawyers representing Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott could have tried to pull one last rabbit out of the hat, in an effort to help Elliott get back to the field as quickly as possible while the litigation regarding his six-game suspension continues. By all appearances, Elliott will be accepting the suspension, at least through the next hearing in his case, which is set for December 1.

It means that Elliott will miss at least the next four games, since the Cowboys play not on Sunday, December 3 but on Thursday, November 30. It will mean something far more important, if Elliott eventually wins his case.

If Elliott eventually wins his case, it will mean that Elliott will have been wrongfully denied the chance to play in at least four games, with no way to fix it. Which considerably raises the stakes for the NFL in the ongoing litigation, since a win by Elliott will make the league look even more heavy-handed and unfair.

Take a step back and consider how these disciplinary cases work. The NFL issues a suspension. Then, the NFL allows the player to keep playing which he appeals the suspension. Indeed, the NFL never forces a player to miss games before his internal appeal rights have

Article source: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/11/11/ezekiel-elliott-apparently-willing-to-serve-at-least-four-games/

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