Falcons’ Matt Ryan returns to Philadelphia for playoff game against Eagles in front of some conflicted supporters

Whereas the rest of the football world will be watching with fresh eyes Saturday when Atlanta squares off against Philadelphia in a divisional playoff game, it’s a matchup Brian McCloskey sees every week.

Virtually every fall Sunday in the McCloskey household, it’s Falcons versus Eagles.

That’s because he was the high school coach of Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan, who grew up in Philadelphia, as well as a devoted Eagles fan. So McCloskey has side-by-side TVs in his home, and each week tunes in to the Falcons on one and Eagles on the other.

“I’m conflicted, I’m absolutely conflicted,” McCloskey said this week, sitting in a classroom at William Penn Charter School, Ryan’s alma mater. “Here’s someone that I love and I coached. But at the same time, my whole life I’ve been like, ‘Let’s see the Eagles win the Super Bowl.’ It’s a bizarre week.