Fashion » A Finnish Design Duo Taking Hyerès by Storm

While Japan’s Wataru Tominaga took home the grand prize at this year’s Hyerès International Fashion and Photography Festival, Finnish duo Hanne Jurmu, 26, and Anton Vartiainen, 23, stole the hearts of the jury with their brightly colored men’s wear–and won the Chloé Prize, which includes a €15,000 grant and the chance to collaborate with the brand. Here, the designers discuss their collaboration, artistic process, and what’s next.

Your clothes are patched and tattered like a marvelous, unravelling tapestry. Where does the material come from? 
We found material all over the place. Some of it is from our old clothing, some are cast off toiles from school, some we found from the recycling center or in dumpsters. One reason we did this was that we didn’t have the money to buy fabric, but it’s also because we didn’t feel like buying fabric. It seems crazy to order new material from another continent for something as basic as clothing. In Finland there’s hardly any fabric production today, and indigenous people have always been able to produce their clothing from nearby sources. We started with this in mind and soon realized that the material needs to be more vivid to pass the fashion test. One way to look at it would be to say that we enslaved ourselves to

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