Five things we’ve learned from Dee Gordon’s suspension

4:43 PM ET

Dee Gordon? One of baseball’s biggest stars tests positive for performance-enhancing drugs and it’s Dee Gordon? That’s about the craziest PED story that’s ever been told. Isn’t it?

“This is the single most bizarre case I’ve ever come across,” an executive of one club said Friday morning, “because he tested positive after signing a $50 million contract. He could have hit .220 and never stolen another base, and he still would have gotten paid for the next five years.”

Exactly. If a guy like this can get caught taking testosterone and a noted synthetic steroid, then it’s time to toss everything you thought you knew about PEDs, and the athletes who use them, into the nearest fireplace — and then light the match.

So what should we think after seeing a 170-pound, slap-hitting leadoff man get suspended for 80 games? We posed that question to executives around baseball Friday morning. They led us to this: five things we’ve learned from Dee Gordon.

1. Our stereotypes don’t match reality

Whatever you thought a “steroid cheat” looked

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