Flynn, a Bichon Frisé, Tops a Strong Field for Best in Show at Westminster

It was the second time a bichon frisé has won at Westminster. The first was J.R., who won over the crowd in 2001 with his trademark move: a wave to his fans with both front legs.

Flynn, however, kept all four paws on the ground in what McFadden said was probably his last trot around the ring.

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“I’m pretty sure I can drop the mike and say he’s retired,” McFadden said.

The competition was tough. When Bean the Sussex spaniel sat up on his hind legs and begged for chicken, the crowd melted.

“He felt the energy,” Bean’s handler, Per Ingar Rismyhr, said. Even the judge was not immune. Bean upset two sporting group favorites: Striker the cocker spaniel, the No. 3 dog last year; and Angus the clumber spaniel.

When Bean flashed his best pout and begged

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