Four Forces Drive The Consumer’s Tech Stack


By James L. McQuivey, Vice President, Principal Analyst

We recently unveiled our 2018 US Benchmark Data Overview, and the research is exciting. Over the two decades I have been involved in our consumer research, we have surveyed millions of consumers in 20 countries and over that time we have tracked the most important changes in consumer technology adoption and use. The lesson that became very clear upon analyzing this data is that while companies have spent the last 20 years building their tech stack to run their businesses, consumers, too, have been building their own consumer tech stack. What’s playing out now in the world of marketing is that the companies that have a sharp enough eye on the consumer’s tech stack are able to build and use their own business tech stack more effectively.

It’s not just about understanding how many people have a wearable (answer: 32% of US online adults), or how many homes have a smart speaker like an Amazon Echo (answer: 26 million US homes by year-end 2018). It’s about understanding how those technologies enable new modes of consumer experience and ultimately shape the kinds of conversations you can have with your customers (answer: far richer, more continuous than ever before).

To understand this, we took a much deeper look—we went beneath the tech

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