Francis tells Polish clergy: The Gospel is unfinished, we write it with our mercy

Pope Francis told Poland’s Catholic clergy Saturday that the key challenge of the Gospel is that it remains unfinished — that Jesus looks to us to “take concrete care” of his wounds by serving our brothers and sisters, “those close at hand and those far away, the sick and the migrant.”

In a Mass with the country’s bishops, priests and religious at a shrine dedicated to the memory of their hero-Pope John Paul II, the pontiff said the Gospel “still has many blank pages left.”

“It remains an open book that we are called to write in the same style, by the works of mercy we practice,” the pope continued, asking the clergy: “What are the pages of your books like? Are they blank?”

“By serving those who suffer we honor the flesh of Christ,” Francis exhorted.

About 7,000 people attended the Mass at the shrine, which contains a series of colorful modern mosaics depicting biblical events and also houses many relics of John Paul II, including the bloodied white cassock he was wearing the day he was shot in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican in 1981.

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The event was the only occasion during Francis’ Wednesday-Sunday visit to Poland

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