Get ’em next time, Sixers

The Sixers fell, 114-112, to the Celtics in Game 5 Wednesday, ending Philadelphia’s season. That was a wild game, and Joel Embiid had a chance to tie it up three times with less than 20 seconds to go. Had the Sixers gotten the win and taken the series back to Philadelphia down 3-2, who knows what could have happened. But they didn’t and they didn’t, so their season’s over.

What a season! As Paul Flannery wrote in his series capper, this is the beginning of what should be a beautiful rivalry given both teams’ youth and excellence. The Sixers really don’t need to be asking themselves any tough questions this summer. Of course their young stars have flaws — Ben Simmons’ jump shot, Embiid’s endurance — but this is Step 1 of their journey. Once they won 50 games and made the playoffs, everything else was really icing.

Tim Cato enumerates all the reasons to be excited by Philadelphia. Don’t forget that on next Tuesday, the Sixers will likely officially pick up the No. 10 pick in this year’s NBA Draft from the Lakers. (If the pick ends up No. 2 or 3, Boston gets it. These teams’ assets are wild.) They still have Markelle Fultz in the bag. The Process isn’t over.


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