Hadley Freeman: is writing about fashion really such a crime?

I have done some terrible things in my time. Back in 1987, my parents took me to a record store for the first time and said I could buy any cassette I wanted. I promptly walked straight past the recently released Sign O’ The Times and Bad and, displaying the sure-footed good taste that would see me through the rest of my life, picked up the eponymous album Tiffany. Never mind all your paeans to Prince’s brilliance, if anyone wants a thousand words on the genius of Tiffany, you know where to come.

Then there are the various interviews I’ve done for this paper where I’ve managed to insult the celebrity right to their face, such as telling Tom Hanks that I hadn’t seen Cloud Atlas because “no one” had. “You really should see it,” Hanks chided me and, let me tell you, being reprimanded by Hanks is like being told off by a bald eagle, Mount Rushmore, democracy and all that is good about America rolled together.

But of all the terrible things I’ve done, there is no question what is widely deemed to be the worst: working in fashion. I spent eight years on the Guardian’s fashion desk, starting as the fashion assistant back in 2000. My God, it was

Article source: http://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2016/apr/30/hadley-freeman-the-problem-with-fashion-journalism

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