Happy 50th birthday, John Daly, and thanks for these memories

5:41 AM ET

You never hear the words “John Daly” and “renaissance man” uttered in the same sentence. But Daly, who celebrates his 50th birthday Thursday, has packed a surprising variety of accomplishments into his 25 years on the PGA Tour. Many fans like Daly because he hits the ball an astonishingly long way and doesn’t sugarcoat who he is to conform to golf’s country club norms. Beyond that? How many other PGA Tour stars can say they’ve won two majors, written a book, released two music albums, starred in their own reality show, issued wine on their own label and had lap-band surgery that did, didn’t, did, didn’t work? Zero — that’s how many.

In honor of Daly confirming that he intends to play on the PGA Tour Champions, which he is eligible to join now that he’s 50, we look back at 10 of the most outrageous and entertaining things from his fascinating career and life:

1. A legend arrives — with a mullet