Here’s how the Warriors will break up … in 2020

Despite the hopes and dreams of so many who loathe the Warriors and, more specifically, Warriors’ hegemony, Golden State’s dynasty will not likely crumble this summer. Among the key players, only Kevin Durant is a free agent and he has consistently said he plans to re-sign. (There are some tiny cracks in this particular facade that we’ll be discussing in further detail as we approach July. But for now, let’s assume he’s telling the truth and will re-sign.)

So let’s fast-forward to the summer of 2019. Odds are the Warriors will have won a fourth championship in this era; it’s impossible to know how likely that is at this point, with rivals yet to make their move this summer, but Golden State is the favorite. And now another Warriors star — Klay Thompson — will be a free agent.

There is a dispute as to whether Thompson will sign an extension keeping him in Golden State long-term this summer. Financially, Thompson would be leaving so much money on the table were he to do so. According to Albert Nahmad’s calculations, a Thompson extension signed this summer could be worth up to $102 million for four years. A Thompson max contract from another team signed in 2019 would be worth up to

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