Houston’s Explosive Growth Amid Disregard Of Flood Preparedness


By now we’d like to stay on the subject of why all this is happening. And for another perspective on this, we’ve called Neena Satija. She is an investigative reporter for The Texas Tribune. And she’s in Houston covering the floods. But long before this storm, she’s been reporting on the Houston area’s vulnerability to flooding.

Her 2016 investigation “Boomtown, Flood Town” points the finger at Houston’s explosive growth. She says this has been allowed to take place with little regard for measures to mitigate flooding, such as maintaining green space. Neena Satija thanks so much for interrupting your own reporting to join us.

NEENA SATIJA: Thanks for having me.

MARTIN: So your team is staying in a hotel across from a Red Cross emergency shelter. I understand that you’ve been checking in. What’s the scene like there?

SATIJA: Yeah. Well, a couple hours ago when we were there, there were several hundred people in the shelter. I think that number is only going to get larger. Things seemed pretty calm for the moment. A lot of folks who were there were able to kind of self-evacuate. They knew they were living in apartment complexes – you know, homes with

Article source: http://www.npr.org/2017/08/27/546603361/houstons-explosive-growth-amid-disregard-of-flood-preparedness

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