How Warriors took back the crown, and how NBA rivals can compete

1:30 AM ET

As the Golden State Warriors sat in their locker room a year ago, digesting the final loss of the worst collapse in NBA history, Andre Iguodala stood and said he wanted to address the group. Iguodala rarely does this, according to several members of the team. Everyone stopped.

Iguodala insisted they would recover. He mentioned that the San Antonio Spurs had never repeated as champions, a tidbit Steve Kerr, himself a former Spur, had mentioned often to underline the difficulty of last season’s challenge. If the team responded the right way, Iguodala said, they could put themselves in position to chase several titles — and wash away the sting from this loss.

Some in the room thought Iguodala might have been hinting at the potential signing of Kevin Durant, though Iguodala never uttered Durant’s name or directly discussed free agency, sources said. They glanced at Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut, two players who would almost certainly be elsewhere if Durant joined.