If sexual harassment and misconduct allegations are true, Warren Moon is finished

A Husky hero who led Washington to the 1978 Rose Bowl? That might not be Warren Moon.

A Hall of Fame quarterback who inspired a generation of African-Americans? That might not be Warren, either.

Award-winning philanthropist? Insightful commentator? Seattle sports ambassador? No.

If Wendy Haskell’s sexual-harassment allegations are true, Moon would be remembered first and foremost as a predator.

Perhaps reports of this manner should no longer be shocking, but it was hard not to gasp at the lawsuit Haskell filed Monday. The lawsuit, which was posted online, details myriad examples of emotional and sexual abuse she allegedly endured while working as Moon’s executive assistant at Sports 1 Marketing.

It says he would grab her crotch as she slept. It says he once drugged her drink because she wasn’t “having fun.” It says he required that they share a bed on road trips and that she leave the bathroom door open while she showered.

And if she refused to comply — she’d be fired.

We haven’t heard Moon’s side of the story, and that’s important to point out. But the fact that he did not deny the accusations Wednesday and asked the Seahawks for a leave of absence

Article source: https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/seahawks/if-sexual-harassment-and-misconduct-allegations-are-true-warren-moon-is-finished/

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