‘I’m Still in Win Mode’: Why LeBron Is Unstoppable—but the Cavs Are in Trouble

It was 10:30 a.m., Texas time, when LeBron James strolled into the Dallas Mavericks‘ arena for a recent shootaround. In his mouth was a black plastic spoon.

But the King was not eating.

No, his teeth were clenched firmly around the handle, leaving the round end an impractical distance from his mouth.

What could it all mean?

Was LeBron angry? Frustrated? Concerned? Was the empty spoon a symbolic plea? Dear basketball gods, please deliver a second helping of All-Star playmaking.

Or, you know, maybe he’d just polished off a strawberry yogurt parfait on the team bus. It’s possible.

But this is LeBron, the NBA‘s Sultan of Subtweets, and these are the drama-loving Cleveland Cavaliers—who had the league’s sixth-worst record at the time of their Dallas stopover last Saturday—and so we must parse every gesture, quip and sideways glance, every tweet and Instagram story and every last utensil.

Everything must mean something.

The Cavs were 4-6 when James posted a cartoon fist (caption: “Mood…”) to his Instagram account, sending the basketball world into a speculative tizzy. Then came a collage of fist photos (“Mood Forever…”), heightening the intrigue.

Four days, one win and one loss later came a video post: LeBron, puffing on a cigar, a goblet of red wine in front

Article source: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2744177-im-still-in-win-mode-why-lebron-is-unstoppable-but-the-cavs-are-in-trouble

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