Is Kyrie a Franchise Star? NBA Insiders Doubt Irving Worth What Celtics Paid

On his best days, when his team is thriving and the mood is right, Kyrie Irving won’t just dazzle you with deft ball-handling and expert marksmanship—he’ll disarm you with self-awareness and humility.

Yes, Irving will concede, I could bring that defensive intensity more often. I could make those scoring passes more consistently. I could drop 10 assists if necessary. I could do more. I know I need to do more.

His coaches have heard it. His teammates have seen it.

It is in these rare moments, when the cool facade drops, the ego hibernates and his better angels emerge, that the swaggering 25-year-old offers a hopeful glimpse of what he might yet become: a complete player, a true superstar, a leader.

That’s the player the Boston Celtics hope they just obtained in their finally completed blockbuster trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s just not clear if that’s the player they actually got.

As a scorer, Irving is certifiably elite—strong, quick, shifty, with an uncanny ability to create (and convert) any shot, anywhere, from all sorts of ridiculous angles.

“Probably the best one-on-one player in the league,” says one veteran scout.

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