It doesn’t matter that LeBron James lost in the NBA Finals

The legacy of LeBron James should not be under question. This defeat to Golden State in five games should not have any negative consequences on where James stands in the pantheon of the greatest players to ever. He has done all there is to do. This loss, and everything that comes after, is superfluous to his legend.

What this Finals loss speaks to is the incredible assemblage of players needed to overcome him.

ESPN’s Zach Lowe recently revealed that after the Warriors lost Game 7 last year, Draymond Green went to the parking lot and called Kevin Durant. Durant has since denied the story but it was an open secret during the summer that Green, as well as the rest of the Warriors, actively wooed the then-free agent.

After Durant scored 31 points in Game 3, Green revealed the sole reason his team went after Durant so hard:

“It’s funny ‘cause I told him earlier in the year, I said, ‘It’s cool that you’re here, but we really don’t need you for the regular season. We kinda gonna need you for these Finals.’ And he stepped up big and made plays for us.”

The Warriors went after Durant because they needed him to beat James. That is one of, if not

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