Jay Glazer praises Packers for signing Jimmy Graham

COLIN COWHERD: Michael Jordan always had a relationship with the Bulls where there was a little simmering resentment. Magic in the Lakers loved each other. Jeter and the Yankees loved each other. Glazer and Fox love each other.

– Love.

COLIN COWHERD: But there are these relationships, Big Ben and the Steelers, Michael and the Bulls, I kind of feel like Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay. The Instagrams, the quarterback coach, Jordy Nelson, I love you, you still got it but– is there a little thing there where it ain’t Jeter and the Yankees, and it’s not Magic and the Lakers, and it’s not Duncan and the Spurs here in Green Bay.

– Well, there’s owner to go at it with. It’s totally different. Right? There’s no owner that you’re going to– you know, do I really fit with this guy or not. I think that you look at Jordy and the relationship, yeah, he may be upset. But I’m telling you what, he is definitely draining his sorrows with Jimmy Graham.

He’s sitting there going, right now going, oh, we’re OK. I think Jimmy so far has been the best pick up of any team out there.

COLIN COWHERD: So you think Aaron loves that?

– Oh, my god, I think he is– because when they

Article source: https://www.foxsports.com/watch/the-herd-with-colin-cowherd/video/1185884739722

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