Jerry Jones may have been playing us all along as Tony Romo’s likely last days as a Cowboy tick down

ARLINGTON, Texas – For months, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was adamant that he couldn’t lose with his quarterbacks. Dak Prescott or Tony Romo, Romo or Dak. Spin a bottle, throw a dart, sit one and start the other, the franchise had a stacked deck. And Jones was happy to tell you that Dallas was winning the depth chart game no matter who trotted into the huddle.

But with the playoffs for the Cowboys one game and a bye week away, the situation has gotten more complicated. The seasonal chapter of risk mitigation has arrived. And while Jones will continue to say the Cowboys still can’t lose, conventional football wisdom is pressing down on head coach Jason Garrett. Winning – both in the short and long term – got a little trickier.

It’s likely Prescott won’t play the entire finale. But there’s a school of thought that suggests Romo shouldn’t play in it at all. And that might lead to an unexpected place: with Romo being inactive for what might be his final regular-season game with Dallas.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told reporters that he doesn't want Tony Romo taking a snap on Sunday in Philadelphia. (AP)

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