Josh Rosen is not the jerk everyone thinks he is

INDIANAPOLIS — Josh Rosen had about 15 minutes with the media at the NFL Combine on Friday, just like every other player who received an invite, but it mattered more for the UCLA quarterback than most.

Rosen’s character and personality have been dissected even more than his play on the field in the months since the 2017 season ended, so the 15 minutes were an opportunity to dispel the notion that he’s entitled, cocky and … well … an asshole.

He passed that test Friday with flying colors.

Rosen was thoughtful, well-spoken, and honest as he answered questions from reporters. It may have been surprising to those who have heard the stories of a quarterback who will come with baggage and attitude concerns.

But he was the person who everyone who has interviewed Rosen in the past or been around him has insisted he’s been all along.

“I think that you have to be yourself, you have to be authentic and you have to show that you’ve learned and grown over the years,” Rosen said. “I’m trying to show who I really am, not who I’m trying to be. I want

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