Kevin Durant’s invisible masterpiece

For the second straight game, Kevin Durant was clearly the best basketball player on the floor for the Warriors or Rockets. Durant has been completely unstoppable scoring the ball: in two games, he has 75 points in 56 shooting possessions. Given his threes and free throws, it’s the equivalent of shooting 67 percent on two-pointers at high volume. That’s come against one of the league’s best defenses on the road. It’s unreal.

On Wednesday, the box score came out to a game-high 38 points on 26 shooting possessions. The Rockets have no modicum of a defensive answer for Durant. Durant can do basically anything he wants with the basketball at any time, and has.

Yet the Rockets won Game 2 by 22. The Warriors were outscored by 28 when Durant, in all his offensive glory, was on the floor.

There’s a long-running debate about Durant and Stephen Curry’s relative importance to the Warriors’ success. At this point in their respective careers, it’s hard to argue that

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