Knicks gonna Knick

After the Knicks offered Tim Hardaway Jr. an incredibly large contract last week, there was a glimmer of hope for the fandom: The franchise had engaged David Griffin, one-time Executive of the Year and architect (in a way) of the three-time Eastern champion Cavaliers.

On Sunday, the Hawks declined to match the Hardaway offer sheet, making the guard a pricy Knick. Later, reports indicated that Griffin declined a job with the Knicks because he wouldn’t be given decision-making autonomy.

There’s a certain poetry in this: A team that found itself between front office leaders decided to offer a fourth option, almost a fifth of the salary cap for no compelling reason, and then lost the top candidate for its front office vacancy over decision-making power. “Nah, we’re clearly suited to make decisions on behalf of the team. Check out our new player!” No word on whether Hardaway’s locker will be situated next to that of Joakim Noah.

In the Griffin aftermath, there has been some pondering about whether Phil Jackson was really the problem. Of course not! The Knicks’ doom predates Jackson. The problem was that many saw the Zen Master as the solution when there was never any evidence he was suited for the role he took. Concerns to that effect were proved painfully accurate. Phil

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