Kyrie Irving is either a phenomenal troll or the most ‘woke’ player in the NBA

The Celtics are good this year, and Kyrie Irving is still good at basketball. But Irving is still waging a war on not only science, but common sense as we know it. It all started last season with Irving’s comments that the Earth was flat, which bizarrely spread in the sporting world until we had actual flat vs. round camps. But then Irving said he was just trolling the media. And then he kind of wasn’t?

It all started in February when Irving said that the Earth is “undeniably flat.” A bold statement that he doubled down on by adding “this is not a conspiracy theory.” The thing is, saying that this isn’t a conspiracy theory is much like how your friend’s new Facebook obsession isn’t a pyramid scheme. It is, and it is. People can believe what they want, the problem being that Irving is a role model to a lot of people, and this has literally affected some teachers’ educations. Imagine having to explain to a gaggle of 9-year-old kids that “no, Mr. Irving is wrong, this photo is two-dimensional because it’s a photo.”

But OK, so his beliefs regarding the world’s shape are a bit out there. Then, Irving came out and said that he was just trolling the media, with

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