LaVar Ball gave the most ridiculous reasons for pulling LaMelo out of high school

On the same day as Lonzo Ball’s home debut with the Lakers, LaVar Ball announced major plans for his youngest son’s basketball future.

LaVar said that he was pulling LaMelo Ball, a rising junior who had played for Chino Hills (Calif.), out of school with the intention of home-schooling and training the UCLA commit for the next two years.

While LaVar clashed with former Chino Hills coach Stephan Gilling last season, the school fired Gilling and replaced him with Dennis Latimore. LaVar, though, had issues with Latimore, which boiled over into Monday’s decision. In an interview with ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne at Staples Center, LaVar broke down the reasons for pulling LaMelo out of school. It was ridiculous, even by LaVar’s standards.

Let’s break it down:

“Get along with me, guess what? You go 35-0. When you try and do it your way: Goodbye.”

LaVar previously complained that Gilling tried to do things his way — as in coach his team. Latimore said that the days of LaMelo shooting 50 shots a game were over, and evidently, that was an unreasonable request for LaVar to handle.