LaVar Ball reportedly pulling LaMelo from high school – Shannon Sharpe reacts

– Even after hearing all that, Skip, I don’t have a problem with it. You know why I don’t have a problem with it, Skip? Because every year I watch the spelling bee, and of those 500 kids, 472 of them are home-schooled.

It is the job of the parent to do what’s in the best interest, or what they think, or what they deem is in the best interest of the child. Now normally these kids start out from day one being home-schooled. They don’t wait till they get to their junior year in high school and then all of a sudden start to home school them.

It just– Skip, the coach coming in trying to coach. He trying to run a program. That’s all. He say, Melo, they can’t give you 50 shots. There’s only– there’s only like 75 shots. If you take 50 of them, that means I got to somehow let only 25 shots between seven other guys. And LaVar doesn’t like that.

Skip, my concerns are, and I don’t believe, now, he got the love part right. Now, if that’s LeBron James, he can go down to the hood and everybody want to come get a game in. I don’t know if that’s going to be the case with LaMelo.


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