LeBron James’ Uninterrupted accuses University of Alabama of copyright infringement

CLEVELAND, Ohio — If LeBron James didn’t already have beef with the Crimson Tide for taking his beloved Buckeyes’ spot in the College Football Playoff last year, he does now.

James and Maverick Carter’s internet platform Uninterrupted on Monday sent essentially a cease and desist letter to the University of Alabama. At issue: a new video show promoted by the university on social media called “Shop Talk.”

In the trailer posted on Twitter, head coach Nick Saban, former Alabama standout Julio Jones and others are seen talking football while getting their hair cut at a barbershop.

If the concept sounds familiar, it’s because Uninterrupted has already released two episodes of a show called “The Shop” with that same premise, but with James, Warriors forward Draymond Green, rapper 2 Chainz and others shooting the breeze while sitting in a barber’s chair.

“Shop Talk is clearly using the ideas, concepts, and format previously created and exploited by Uninterrupted in connection with its program ‘The Shop,’ and Uninterrupted believes Shop Talk infringes the copyright in The Shop,” Josh Tarnow, head of Uninterrupted’s business and legal affairs, writes in the letter obtained by cleveland.com.

The letter asks the university to refrain from releasing “Shop Talk” and submit a copy of the full episode to Uninterrupted for review in order to find an amicable solution and avoid getting into a “battle of legal letters.”

According to the letter, The Shop’s first episode was viewed 4 million times and the show has drawn interest from networks looking to develop it into a TV series.