LeSean McCoy Denies Accusations That Surfaced on Social Media

The man injured Cordon’s wrist when he tried to remove her bracelets and also struck her in the face with a firearm multiple times as he demanded jewelry and cash, according to the statement, which added that there was no sign of forced entry. The statement also said that a female cousin of Cordon’s who was visiting had also been struck in the head with the firearm.

McCoy tried to evict Cordon from his home, in a suburb of Atlanta, last July, according to court documents. “Plaintiff and defendant no longer in relationship and plaintiff allowed defendant to live rent-fee while at premises for 5 months,” documents filed in Fulton County Magistrate Court said. She “refuses to leave,” the documents added.

In court documents filed in another case last month, McCoy asked for Cordon to “return any/all items removed from premises.” A hearing in that case was set for Tuesday, but was postponed on Monday to Aug. 14, at the request of Cordon’s lawyer.

According to court documents filed last month, Cordon claimed that she and her children had lived with McCoy at the Georgia house since the fall of 2016. The documents also claimed that in May he had discussed marrying Cordon and that on May 29 he gave her “a substantial gift.”


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